Senator Greg Clausen Endorsement Letter

April 14th, 2022


Fellow Senate District 56 members, 


On Saturday, April 23rd, an important nominating election will take place in Senate District 56, endorsing a candidate for the Minnesota Senate. As a ten-year veteran serving in the Minnesota Senate from our area, I endorse Justin Emmerich and ask for your support. 


Justin has worked in the Senate as a Legislative Assistant for six legislative sessions. He has worked with Senator Nick Frentz, an outstanding role model and mentor during this time. Justin brings a wealth of experiences as a candidate. He has a grasp of policy issues and financial implications. He knows the people, the processes, the politics, and how to navigate the Senate to get things done. 


When attending Justin’s Saturday coffee events, I have been impressed with his vast in-depth knowledge of information and his ability to explain complex issues. Local issues and the people he serves will always be a priority for Justin. He understands the importance of constituent outreach and the need to be accessible and work on behalf of his community and constituents. Justin has demonstrated that his experiences of working in the Senate have prepared him to take on the responsibilities of a Minnesota Senator and hit the ground running. 


As a Legislative Assistant, Justin has built relationships within his caucus and across the aisle. He understands the need to be a consensus builder in order to get things done in the legislature. His willingness to engage with all Minnesotans puts him in the strongest position to win the general election.


Justin will not lose sight of his commitment and responsibility to his community and people. He places the needs of others above his own, frequently speaking in terms of “we” versus “I.” He works for others rather than to promote himself. Justin is a true public servant. 


One of Justin’s strengths is his work ethic. He will not ask of others what he himself will not be willing to do. Justin is well acquainted with the long hours and timelines that come with being a Senator. 


I have witnessed firsthand the integrity, personal qualities, and professional skills Justin Emmerich brings to our DFL Caucus and legislature. Justin will represent the people and communities of District 56 in a manner that we will be proud to call him “our Senator." I am asking for your support in endorsing Justin Emmerich as our candidate for Minnesota State Senator. Thank you for your consideration and support. 


Greg Clausen 

Minnesota State Senator