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As a parent, COVID-19 has been difficult to navigate - school closures, close contacts, online learning, changes to teaching staff, and transportation issues.

We need to prepare the next generation of American workers by fully funding public education and keeping kids in school. Minnesota must increase school counselors, add staff supports to help students catch up, and increase diversity in the classroom. As we emerge from two years of isolation, we should invest anew in extracurricular school programs, where our kids have the space to develop friendships and rebuild a sense of community.

The Economy

I believe the economy should work for every Minnesotan. Working families will succeed if they have access to childcare, transit, education, and health care. This will improve labor force participation rate. Businesses want these investments, too - we need more people in the workforce.


Addressing affordable housing shortages, making sure workers have livable wages, and paid family leave will propel our economy further. This is how we will attract individuals and businesses to our state. We also want to focus on solutions to rising inflation costs that can burden families - paying more for everyday items like food and gasoline. 

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Protecting Reproductive Rights

The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, a reversal of the long-standing fundamental right to reproductive health care. This decision will lead to devastating results for women across the country, especially people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, and those with fewer means. 

Minnesota must remain a beacon of hope for all states across the midwest. Our Minnesota Constitution protects abortion rights (Doe v. Gomez), but we must strengthen reproductive rights and enshrine the right to privacy in law. I will continue to fight to protect Minnesotans’ right to make their own decisions about parenthood, marriage, contraception, and pregnancy.

Common Sense Gun Reform

I come from a family of hunters. I took my firearm safety certification at age eleven and still go deer hunting yearly with my family. As a responsible gun owner, I am in favor of gun violence prevention and have a focus on gun safety.

We have a severe issue with gun violence in our country and need solutions now. I favor universal background checks, extreme risk protection orders, and raising the purchase age for handguns and semi-automatic weapons to 21.  

We want to ensure that those who wish to do violence to others or themselves have no access to firearms. 

I have received the 2022 Mom's Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate Distinction. 


Public Safety

I want safe communities. I support police officers, first responders, and the men and women who serve us. They do a difficult job, but one that deserves gratitude. I support strong funding for recruitment and retention to address shortages. 

I also support accountability - if somebody breaks the law, they should be held accountable and be subject to a fair judicial process. 

I recognize and support communities of color who have valid concerns for their safety when dealing with police. We can and should work to improve those relationships.



Dakota County is a great place to live because there are great schools, quiet neighborhoods, trails, beautiful parks, and statewide attractions like the Minnesota Zoo. Robust infrastructure spending to maintain and expand these will support our working families and save the state money to repair assets now rather than replace them later.

As a growing suburb, I see a need to focus on transit to improve accessibility, expand roads in growing communities, and ensure access to clean drinking water. Many roads, bridges, and intersections will need updating in the coming years due to the population growth in nearby cities.

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The Environment

Climate change continues to ravage communities with extreme weather events like flooding and droughts. If we do not start implementing a serious response, we will continue to see rising insurance costs and expenses for everyday goods as supply chains are disrupted. 

We want to build towards a clean energy economy and reduce carbon emissions in energy and transportation. This means updating our transmission system, incentivizing battery storage development, and looking at all possible options to reduce carbon. It's no secret that when Minnesota leads on this topic, we see a reduction in energy costs and investments from companies worldwide. 

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Costs

Minnesotans and people across our country have continued to see healthcare costs stagger to levels that are unaffordable. 

Affordability in healthcare is a priority. I would be in favor of a state public option that's available to all Minnesotans, regardless of income. 


As well, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies should be clear and upfront about costs before they are incurred. Our current system leads to large unexpected medical bills and difficulties for many families. 


I firmly believe that healthcare is a fundamental right and not a privilege. 

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