Justin Emmerich for Senate
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Letter: Emmerich Deserves Support

To the editor:

Like many in Apple Valley, I was disappointed to learn our outstanding Democratic state Sen. Gregg Clausen will be stepping down at the end of this term, but now I have become excited about someone who I believe will be the best candidate to replace him, Justin Emmerich.

Justin, I discovered has the four characteristics I believe necessary to make an exceptional state senator for our district; Experience, depth of knowledge, a strong commitment to family, and progressive Democratic values. In addition, he is deeply respected and highly regarded by those whom he has worked for and with at the Minnesota Capitol.

A life-long Minnesotan, Justin has worked hard to meet his responsibilities and has done so from a very young age. A father early in life, Justin worked two jobs to pay his rent and for child care, and then he also worked harder to pay to put himself through college. After graduating he married the love of his life and, they are delighted to see their family grow this summer. Out of college, Justin turned an internship in the Minnesota Senate into a full-time job as the legislative assistant for Sen. Nick Frentz the current DFL assistant minority leader. Justin has experienced six consecutive legislative sessions learning the ins and outs of the lawmaking process firsthand while becoming well educated about the issues confronting our community and state.

Justin has done all this while earning universal respect from the DFL senators with whom he works, for his honesty, integrity, and work ethic. Justin is also well regarded by Republican opponents for his courteous nature. Justin as they say doesn’t just know his way around, he knows his stuff. Justin has learned what it takes to be a successful legislator, and how to build successful coalitions to get things done for his constituents and Minnesota.

We can find no better candidate. Join me in supporting Justin Emmerich.

Frank Sachs

Apple Valley


Letter: Supports Justin Emmerich for Senate

To the editor:

Greg Clausen is not running for re-election to the state Senate. Greg was a champion of public education. He worked hard to improve infrastructure, and protected the Minnesota Zoo funding during lockdown.

I want a person who will build on what Greg accomplished. I am supporting Justin Emmerich for the state Senate. I think his life story give him insight into what many Minnesota families are facing.

Justin grew up in a union household. His family had health insurance and his father earned a solid wage. In college, he became a parent. He worked full-time in the service industry to support his son while putting himself through school. It was difficult. Half of his paycheck went for rent for a one-bedroom in Eagan. Car payments, insurance, diapers, and child care took most of the rest. In his final semester, he took an unpaid internship at the Minnesota Senate. That led to a full-time job. Now, he owns a home in Apple Valley. He is president of his local homeowner’s association. He and his wife Kate were wed in September 2021. Their son Brayden is a second-grader at Echo Park Elementary. Like me, they love the schools in District 196.

Justin’s work as a legislative assistant for state Sen. Nick Frenz means he understands how our state legislative bodies work. In his words, “I’ve been able to see a legislators work together to pass meaningful legislation. When considering a candidate for state senator, you want somebody who will talk with everyone, listen to members of the community, and build a consensus. That will lead to the best possible solutions for our district. It’s hard work. It’s important. You should expect nothing less.”

I want Justin to represent Senate District 57 because he supports public education including universal pre-kindergarten, improving infrastructure, especially roads and bridges, and providing funding for clean energy, clean drinking water, and safe communities.

Emmerich knows how the Legislature works, he shares our community’s values, and he has a strong work ethic.

Nika Davies

Apple Valley


Justin Emmerich to run for Senate District 57 seat

Justin Emmerich recently announced his candidacy for District 57 Minnesota state senator.

“Public service has been a driving force in my life,” Emmerich said. “I want to dedicate my life to the public good and benefit of our citizens. That is why I am proud to announce my campaign for State Senate in Senate District 57.”

Justin Emmerich

He is seeking the DFL endorsement for the seat that is currently held by Sen. Greg Clausen, DFL-Apple Valley, who announced that he is not seeking reelection in 2022. Also seeking the DFL endorsement is former state Rep. Erin Maye Quade, DFL-Apple Valley.

Emmerich has worked at the Minnesota State Senate as a legislative assistant since 2018 for Sen. Nick Frentz, DFL-North Mankato, where he said he has gained first-hand knowledge and experience with the legislative process.

Emmerich said his priorities are education, public safety, transportation, and responding to COVID-19.

“We are in a time to demonstrate the power of public service - and how to help individuals during critical times of need,” Emmerich said. “I hope to prove throughout the election that I am the candidate that works for you, your family, and our local businesses.”

He lives in Apple Valley with his wife Kate and son Brayden.